Hydra Refresh Clear Treatment 

Triple Action Skin Solution powered by microdermabrasion therapy. Our latest Triple Action Skin Solution uses the latest BT-Hydroderm™ technology which utilises different levels of diamond abrasive discs to deliver exceptionally smooth, thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated, youthful looking skin, without the irritation that can sometimes accompany conventional microdermabrasion treatment.

Key Benefits:

1.Promote cell renewal by gently yet effectively exfoliate skin to reveal a vibrant, healthy and more youthful complexion 
2.Improves the appearance of aging skins as well as texture and clarity
3.Minimise pores by regulating serum production, and reducing skin congestion
4.Improves cellular health by enhancing skin absorption of products
5.Maximised skin hydration
6.Lighten blemishes (post-acne scars and marks)

For optimal results, AsterSpring’s Hydra Refresh Clear Therapy is recommended for 6 sessions over 3 months, with appropriate homecare regimen including Dermalogica skincare or tailored according to your skin needs.

Duration: 70 minutes per session.