Anti-Aging Skin

Targeted for dull, lack luster skin. Evens skin texture and helps prevent premature aging, dryness and dehydration

$240 / 80 mins

Advanced Isotonic Skin Hydration 

Saturate dehydrated skin with divine coconut juice, super rich in hydrating properties to deliver an immediate boost of water for a plump dewy
complexion. Infused with nutrient rich electrolytes and cytokinins which helps to restore skin’s natural hydration system for healthier collagen production. Advanced treatment includes additional therapy and mask to boost treatment efficacy

$320 / 80 mins

Wrinkle Erase

Advanced skin tightening treatment to deeply firm slack and flabby skin by stimulating intense collagen remodeling. The tightening process improves loose skin to make skin tight and taut

$350 / 85 mins


Recommended for highly stressed and dull complexions. Leaves skin hydrated, firmer and lifted and improves cell metabolic rate

$360 / 85 mins

Power Connective

Achieve results instantly with proven technology to tighten, lift, and firm skin by targeting skin’s connective tissues, the foundation of skin with this non surgical, non-invasive solution. 

$380 / 75 mins

Duo Phyto Stem Cell

Restore skin to youthful perfection. Features ground-breaking anti-ageing plant stem cell technology to achieve healthy, hydrated and youthful skin in just under an hour

$380 / 55 mins

Advanced Superlifting

Designed to improve skin texture and elasticity by stimulating collagen remodeling and cell turnover. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing smoother, more radiant skin

$400 / 80 mins