This season, Dermalogica’s holiday sets

feature products that keep your glow going day and night even when the skin is stressed the most, late nights, long celebrations, make-up and travel can all dull your skin’s brightness and slow its natural recovery. Now, you can spend less time worrying about your skin —and more time celebrating! to look your best.

The set contains the unbeatable : 

PreCleanse (1 US FL OZ / 30 mL)
Special Cleansing Gel (1.7 US FL OZ / 50 mL)
Daily Microfoliant (0.14 US OZ / 4 g)
Multi-Active Toner (1.7 US FL OZ / 50 mL)
BioLumin-C Serum (0.1 US FL OZ / 3 mL)
Skin Smoothing Cream (0.24 US FL OZ / 7 mL)
Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 (0.24 US FL OZ / 7 mL)
SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 (0.24 US FL OZ / 7 mL)
Stress Positive Eye Lift (0.2 US FL OZ / 6 mL)
MV Power Recovery Masque (0.34 US FL OZ / 10 mL)
Rapid Reveal Peel (single tube: 0.1 US FL OZ / 3 mL)
Sound Sleep Cocoon (0.34 US FL OZ / 10 mL)



Go from a bold state to a clean slate with this deep-cleansing, make-up busting oil.

Special Cleansing Gel 
Achieve your cleanest skin ever without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. 
Follow PreCleanse with Special Cleansing Gel to experience the Dermalogica Double Cleanse, which thoroughly removes impurities.

Daily Microfoliant 
Discover the brightening, smoothing power of this iconic Rice-based exfoliating powder.

Multi-Active Toner 
Want your skin to feel hydrated at all times? Spritz, refresh and repeat! 
Spritz this in-flight to instantly relieve dry, dehydrated skin.

BioLumin-C Serum 
Keep your skin bright and firm at any age with this high-performance Vitamin C serum. 
Vitamin C helps enhance and restore the skin’s natural defenses against the environment, so apply this morning and night.

Skin Smoothing Cream 
When you want a moisturizer that’s not too light or too heavy, this one is just right – and it provides continuous 48-hour hydration!

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50
Embrace sunny days with this firming, Broad Spectrum moisturizer that guards against the signs of aging. 
Skin-aging UV rays can penetrate clouds so wear this no matter the weather.

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30
Worn alone or under make-up, this multitasking wonder is a must for achieving flawless skin.

Stress Positive Eye Lift 
Brighten those eyes! Massage on this eye treatment to reduce visible signs of stress.

MV Power Recovery Masque 
Restore your skin to its best state with this nourishing skin rescue masque. 
Enhance your glow! Apply this on skin that has been freshly exfoliated with Daily Microfoliant®.

Rapid Reveal Peel 
Kick-start skin renewal and achieve instant radiance with this at-home peel. 
Your skin collects dulling buildup over time. All you have to do is remove it to reveal radiant new skin underneath.

Sound Sleep Cocoon
Transform your skin overnight with this revitalizing, aromatherapeutic gel-cream.