A purifying treatment to cleanse pores and rebalance skin for a more refreshed appearance

$100 / 60 mins

Acne Clear

An effective detoxifying solution designed to unclog pores and regulate sebum production to prevent further breakouts

$280 / 85 mins

Anti Acne Scar

Ultrasound deep tissue healing and skin purifying treatment. Deep penetration of skin clearing botanicals for clearer skin.

$290 / 85 mins

Advanced Ultracalming Barrier Defense

Soothes and repairs damages caused by environmental aggressions. Skin feels softer, calmer and more hydrated with each course of treatment.

$200 / 60 mins

Skin Soothing

A remoisturizing facial for dehydrated and sensitive skin condition to improve hydration without over stimualtion

$105 / 55 mins

Skin Calming

A stabilizing and relaxing treatment to heal sensitized skin condition for recovery

$190 / 70 mins

Skin Detox

Effective acne clearing and skin balancing treatment. Deepy relaxing for speedy healing.

$200/ 80 mins

Total Eye Endermolift

Comprehensively erase signs of aging at eye area, including smoothing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, and banishing dark circles


Acne Skin Renewal

Advanced treatment to clear active acne breakouts. Achieve smoother and clearer skin in an instance

$260 / 95 mins

Soothing Aromatheraphy

A soothing, relaxing and balancing treatment which makes use of aromatic plant essences to relieve sensitized skin conditions.

$160 / 65 mins

Soothing and Rebalancing

Strengthens skin microbiome and defends against dryness, flakiness, redness and irritation

$180 / 60 mins