1   Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment 

soothes & repairs the damages caused by environmental aggressions,
skin feels softer, calmer & hydrated with each course of treatments

2   Advanced Ultracalming Barrier Defense facial 

helps skin to recover from flare-ups & prevents future sensitivity,
improves skin hydration & barrier repair function,
calms & speed up the skin’s healing process

3   GAMMA Barrier Repair

deeply hydrating, soothing & healing nano-treatment to repair & strengthen the skin’s barrier defense

4   Oxy Calming Treatment

therapeutic oxygenating treatment to soothe & calm sensitive skin,
enjoy stabilized, stronger & energized skin

5   Skin Calming Facial

a premier stabilizing & relaxing treatment to heal sensitized skin condition for recovery

6   Calming Chromatic Facial

uses low intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDS) powered by Bio-Synthesis to tone and strengthen the skin,
instant soothing for inflamed, irritated skin, instant relief redness, calms and hydrates the skin