1   Thermophoresis Firming Treatment 

advanced alternate hot-cool (thermopheresis) treatment that instantly firms and revitalizes skin for that special radiance

2   GAMMA Wrinkle Refine 

energizing deep hydrating nano-therapy to diminish facial lines and restore skin smoothness

3   Isotonic Skin Hydrating Treatment 

saturates your dehydrated skin with heavenly coconut juice, super rich in hydrating properties to deliver an immediate boost of water for a plump dewy complexion,
infused with nutrient rich electrolytes and cytokinins,
helps to restore skin’s natural hydration system for healthier collagen production

4   Intense Radiance Face Treatment

advanced treatment focusing on brightening the skin complexion at its cellular level,
catered for those with dull and dehydrated skin, and uneven skin texture as a result of pigmentation, blemishes and scarring,
a perfect treatment for stressed skin and individuals who want a healthier and brighter complexion

5   Oxygenating Vitalzyme Therapy

insufficient oxygen in your skin results in a dull/tired complexion, dry/dehydrated skin that is more sensitive, slower to heal, and prone to visible signs of aging including formation of fine lines and wrinkles; this treatment helps to revitalises and detoxifies your skin

6   Hydra Refresh Clear 

triple Action Skin Solution powered by microdermabrasion therapy,
latest Triple Action Skin Solution uses the latest BT-Hydroderm™ technology which utilizes different levels of diamond abrasive discs to deliver exceptionally smooth, thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated, youthful looking skin, without the irritation that can sometimes accompany conventional microdermabrasion treatment



1   Total Eye Care Plus

reduces dryness by restoring the moisture level around the eye area

2   Special Eye Care

a revitalizing eye-care treatment to promote micro-circulation to smoothen and strengthen the delicate eye area, working to relieve dry and dehydrated conditions

3   Neck & Decolette Filming Facial 

a smoothen-ing and firming neck treatment to soften wrinkling and to ease tension of the neck and chest

4   Bright Eye Treatment 

a vital eye treatment to energize tired eyes that appear dark, dull and dehydrated,
it oxygenates, detoxifies and firms the eye contour

5   Neck & Decollete Retexturizing Treatment 

AHA treatment designed to improve skin texture around the neck and chest area,
skin appears firmer and smoother after a series of relaxing treatments



1   Super Lifting Eye Treatment

uses Lymphatic Drainage Massage (an non-invasive treatments acquired from advanced technology) to stimulate collagen and elastin production and instantly tone and lift up the eye area which is pain-free and suitable for all skin types and conditions

2   Intense Tri Action Eye Treatment 

formulated using the latest cosmeceutical ingredients, together with our OOAK volcanic cold stone therapy,
reduces eye bags and puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage,
strengthens the capillary walls of tiny blood vessels under the eyes

3   ChromaWhite Neck & Decollete Treatment 

improves skin brightness, promotes healthier complexion, smoothens uneven texture and reduces fine dry lines around neck and decollete areas

4   Eyebag Reduction Corrective Treatment 

an instant solution for those eyes that are prone to puffiness and eye bags which may be due to tight schedules, stress, lack of quality sleep, premenstrual syndrome or poor blood circulation

5   ChomaWhite Eye Treatment 

an excellent remedy to diminish fine lines and pigment color (freckles) as well as reduce dark circles,
hydrates and improves skin condition

6   Lines Smoothing Neck & Decollete Treatment 

a gentle resurfacing neck and decollete treatment which is very effective in reversing the signs of ageing as wrinkles form easily on our neck due to the thin skin around the area

7   Oxy Eye Brightening 

intensive spot recovery oxygenating eye treatment to relieve dark circles and minimize puffiness,
stimulates circulation for optimum radiance and restores brightness to the eye area

8  24K Gold Neck 

utilizes 99.9% pure gold sheets and the patented y- PGA to increase skin elasticity, rejuvenate skin,
improves skin metabolism and soften fine lines and wrinkles around the neck

9   Super lifting Neck & Double chin Treatment 

uses Lymphatic Drainage Massage (an non-invasive treatments acquired from advanced technology) to
instantly contours the chin and neck by strengthening the tonicity of the skin and improves its firmness