Total Eye Endermolift Treatment

Comprehensively erase signs of aging at eye area, including smoothing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, and banishing dark circles

$290 / 45 mins

LPG Detox 

Eliminate toxins and treat blockage of lymphatic drainage system that cause puffiness, double chin, thick neck and poor skin absorption. Also improves the body’s natural defense system

$400 / 55 mins

LPG Glow

Immediately double skin radiance and even out skin tone, by gently exfoliating skin whilst oxygenating tissues and boosting micro-circulation

$400 / 65 mins







LPG Zone Add On

Intensive zone treatment for faster, more enhanced results, targeted at deeper layer concerns

Dark Eye Circles & Puffiness
Anti Wrinkle Eyes
Double Chin
Express Detox