Endermolift™ powered by LPG, the first and only world’s technology innovated in France,
a non-surgical way to reverse skin aging process with scientifically proven

+80% Hyaluronic Acid
+46% Elastin
+23% Firmness
+21% Wrinkles Smoothed

Endermolift™ – By Zone 

target the area of your choice with a quick and highly effective treatment,
perfect for those times when certain areas just need more attention.

LPG Detox Endermolift™

eliminate toxins and treat blockage of lymphatic drainage system that cause puffiness, double chins, thick necks and poor skin absorption,  improves the body’s natural defense system

LPG Glow Endermolift™

immediately double skin radiance and even out skin tone by gently exfoliating skin whilst oxygenating tissues and boosting micro-circulation.

LPG Total Eye Endermolift™

comprehensively erase signs of aging at eye area, including smoothing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, & banishing dark circles

LPG Total Neck Endermolift™

comprehensively erase signs of aging at neck area, including smoothing fine lines and wrinkles