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Soothing Aromatheraphy

A soothing, relaxing and balancing treatment which makes use of aromatic plant essences to relieve sensitized skin conditions.

$180 / 65 mins

Soothing & Rebalancing 

Specially designed facial that immediately calms irritation, redness, and flaking of the skin. Additionally, this facial boosts hydration levels by more than 122%, providing a lasting moisturizing effect, and also strengthens the skin’s microbiome, which is essential for better skin recovery and defense

$200 / 60 mins

Advanced Ultracalming Barrier Defense

Soothes and repairs damages caused by environmental aggressions. Skin feels softer, calmer and more hydrated with each course of treatment.

$220 / 60 mins

Calming Chromatic 

Soothes and calms dehydrated and mildly sensitive skin while providing hydration. Recommended for individuals with stress and tension in their skin.

$250 / 75 mins

Oxy Calming 

Therapeutic oxygenating treatment to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Enjoy
stabilized, stronger and energized skin

$300 / 85 mins

Anti Scar

Ultrasound deep tissue healing and skin purifying treatment. Deep penetration of skin clearing botanicals for clearer skin.

$300 / 85 mins

Volcanic Cooling 

The ideal facial to detoxify, reduce redness and inflammation, soothe and hydrate skin with a combination of skillful massage techniques using natural cold volcanic stones from Peru, and high performance skincare products

$300 / 65 mins

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