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Brightening Skin Renewal

Intense skin renewal treatment with skin-balancing aromatic essences used to calm over-active oil glands. Enjoy a clearer, smoother and more even skin tone after the first treatment.

$240 / 75 mins

Intense Dermal Clear

Advanced intense brightening treatment for optimum and long-lasting radiance and brightness.

$280 / 85 mins

Intense Radiance

Advanced skin treatment to target signs of moisture-loss and dull skin. Isolifting technology facilitates skin absorption of intense skin hydrating ingredients containing multiple peptides. Achieve maximum skin suppleness and glow within minimum time.

$320 / 85 mins

Oxy Glow

Oxygenating treatment to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Strengthens skin microbiome and defends against dryness, flakiness, redness and irritation.

$320 / 75 mins


A next generation wet and dry microdermabrasion treatment that shows immediate and visible improvement to your skin with no downtime. Promotes cell renewal gently to reveal a vibrant, healthy and more youthful complexion.

$340 / 75 mins

Oxy Whitening

Intense brightening and renewal treatment to eliminate dark spots and uneven skin tone due to environmental exposure and aging. Achieve maximum skin clarity and radiance.

$360 / 70 mins


Advanced skincare therapy that is designed to enhance the hydration and moisture levels of the skin. This innovative facial helps to intensify the skin’s natural glow and promotes skin smoothness

$380 / 65 mins

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