Derm Tech Chromawhite

intense brightening & renewal treatment to eliminate dark spots & uneven skin tone due to environmental exposure & aging achieving maximum skin clarity & radiance

2   Oxy Whitening Treatment

oxygenates & lightens skin promoting progressive brightening/skin evenness,
restores moisture & radiance,
perfect for individuals concern about pigmentation, dull & uneven skin tone,
helps minimize freckles/age spots/post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation such as acne marks/blemishes

3    24K Gold Facial 

advanced age defying treatment utilizing 99.9% pure gold sheets & patented y-PGA to increase cell regeneration & activate collagen synthesis to delay skin aging to restore immediate radiance/firmness with top grade ionized gold for ultra-softening & maximum skin radiance

4   Brightening Skin Renewal Treatment

intense skin renewal to reduce rough uneven texture and
calm over-active oil glands

5   Advanced Skin Rejuvenating Treatment 

combines ultrasound & high pulse treatment,
improves blood circulation & nutrients supply to the skin,
power exfoliation stimulates cellular regeneration and
rejuvenate the skin

6   Intense Whitening Plus Treatment

advanced intense brightening treatment for optimum & long lasting radiance/brightness

7   Ultimate Skin Brightening Facial 

advanced intense brightening/rejuvenate treatment with medical grade therapy to enhance active oxygenation promoting radiance/ brightness through multi-vitamin exfoliation at cellular level with optimum & long lasting results

8   Anti Aging Absolute Radiance Facial 

advanced treatment targeting signs of moisture-loss/dull skin,
isolifting technology & multiple peptides intensively hydrate skin,
provides maximum suppleness/glow within minimum time

9   Derm Tech Glow

advanced skin replenishing treatment reliving dryness/dehydration,
revitalizes skin for maximum suppleness/smoothness

10   E2 Rejuvenation (upon availability, kindly call to inquire further)

advanced non invasive skin brightening eliminating pigmentation spots,
stimulates intense skin renewal resulting to even/clarity/brighter/smoother skin tone