bt-sonic® 2.0 Microsonic
Cleansing System features :

  • Professional quality cleansing in as little as 2 minutes leaving your skin feeling smooth and radiant
  • Infused with silver ion technology on its Azul silicone bristles, it is antimicrobial and antibacterial
  • IPX6 water resistant, the highest level of water resistance that can be achieved, 45% more water resistant than before & can be used in any environment including the shower
  • Powerful and portable microsonic cleansing brush cleanses areas that other brushes simply can’t reach
  • microsonic vibrations allow for up to 22k movements per second, 6 – 8 times more effective than cleansing with the hands alone
  • ideal for both home and professional use
  • Engineered for everyday use
  • Ergonomic shape is comfortable in the hand
  • Triangular cleansing head cleanses thoroughly & gently

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(promotion not applicable to rapid reveal peel &
bio-lumin c serum)

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bt-sonic 2.0 front