Pro Power Peel

Fully customizable and ultra-potent treatment with the flexibility to create bespoke peels that are perfectly suited to each client’s needs.

$340 / 60 mins

Super Lifting/Wrinkle Erase

Advanced skin tightening treatment to deeply firm slack and flabby skin by stimulating intense collagen remodeling. The tightening process improves loose skin to make skin tight and taut

$350 / 85 mins

Age Reversal Collagen

Reinvigorate and replump your skin. Visibly lift, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity. Brighten and hydrate skin for youthful glow

$350 / 70 mins

Power Connective Skin

Achieve results instantly with proven technology to tighten, lift, and firm skin by targeting skin’s connective tissues, the foundation of skin with this non surgical, non-invasive solution. 

$380 / 75 mins

Duo Phyto Stem Cell

Restore skin to youthful perfection. Features ground-breaking anti-ageing plant stem cell technology to achieve healthy, hydrated and youthful skin in just under an hour

$380 / 55 mins

Zone Facial

Target your skin concern with a quick and highly effective treatment. Perfect for those instances when certain areas need more attention. (choice of: Forehead, eyes & circle puffs, eyes anti-wrinkle, jaw line, double chin, neck or express detox)


Total Eye Endermolift

Comprehensively erase signs of aging at eye area, including smoothing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, and banishing dark circles.


Total Neck Endermolift

Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines at the neck area, including refining skin texture and balancing skin tone


Detox Endermolift

Eliminate toxins and treat blockage of lymphatic drainage system that cause puffiness, double chin, thick neck and poor skin absorption. Also improves the body’s natural defense system


Soothing Aromatheraphy

A soothing, relaxing and balancing treatment which makes use of aromatic plant essences to relieve sensitized skin conditions.

$160 / 65 mins

Glow Endermolift

Immediately double skin radiance and even out skin tone, by gently exfoliating skin whilst oxygenating tissues and boosting micro-circulation