1   Skin Detox Facial 

effective acne clearing & skin balancing treatment for a cleaner, clearer & less oily skin

2   Acne Skin Renewal Treatment

recommended for oily skin with lots of impurities/blemished/scarred skin with open pores,
improves skin by helping to prevent future breakouts and combating excessive oil secretion,
refining pores and improving the appearance of existing acne scars

3   Blemish Clear Treatment 

ultrasound deep tissue healing and skin purifying treatment,
deep penetration of skin clearing botanicals for clearer skin

4   Acne Clear Face Treatment 

helps to control and regulate the oil secretion to prevent future breakouts,
rids skin of impurities for a clearer and smoother skin,
reduce skin inflammation and promote skin healing,
excellent treatment for individuals with oily and congested skin conditions

5   Oxy Medi Balancing Treatment 

calming oxygenating treatment to clear acne and speed up natural healing,
resulting in a smoother, blemish-free skin in the shortest time

6   E2 Acne Clearance (upon availability, kindly call to inquire further)

advanced acne clearance treatment to clear active acne breakouts resulting to a smoother and clearer skin