1   Wrinkles Erase Face Treatment 

strengthens skin elasticity & diminishes fine lines & wrinkles,
enhances cell regeneration process to firm & smooth skin texture for a glowing & radiant complexion,
excellent for stressed individuals with tired, dull & sluggish skin/ premature aging/ aging skin conditions

2   Super Lifting Face Treatment

stimulates the synthesis of collagen & elastin production,
instantly tones up the skin muscles, lifting & firming the skin,
pores are smoothen, refined & tightened,
excellent for individuals with sagging skin conditions
to achieve a V-lift skin

3   Ultra Lifting Facial

intensive treatment to increase skin firmess & reduce fine lines,
stress reduction pressure point & energizing massage movements smoothens & firms facial contours

4   Anti Aging Absolute Lifting Facial

advanced skin rejuvenating treatment to target signs of aging,
relieve skin dryness & dehydration,
maximum skin suppleness & smoothness in minimum time

5   Age Smart lifting Facial 

advanced skin rejuvenating treatment infused with active peptides & age defying botanicals for optimum & long lasting skin lifting

6   Age Reversal Collagen Treatment 

reinvigorates your skin and gives instant re-plumping to visibly lift,
diminish fine lines and wrinkles,
improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity,
brightens and hydrates skin for youthful glow

7   E2 Tightening (upon availability, kindly call to inquire further)

advanced skin tightening to deeply firm slack & flabby skin by stimulating intense collagen remodeling,
improves loose skin to make skin tight & taut

8   E2 Firm Restorative (upon availability, kindly call to inquire further)

advanced & intense treatment that repairs collagen & remodels the skin,
stimulates strong skin support,
strengthens & firm skin,
painlessly rebuilds sagging skin to make it smooth & taut